Judges Panel

Demetria Karonga (Head Judge)

Demetria is the head judge and has been the head judge of Miss Zimbabwe Pageants since 2012. This year she carries on with another amazing team.

The Producer of Thorns 2008
The Producer of The In-Laws 2012
The Producer of Maidei Meets Europe 2012

The Producer of Never Again 2013

The Producer of Cultured Reality TV Show 2013


The Director of The In-Laws 2012


The writer of Thorns
The writer of In-Laws
The writer of Maidei Meets Europe


Lead Role in Thorns as Nyuru 2008
Lead Role in To The End of The Road 2011
Actress in The In -Laws as Faith
Actress in Maidei meets Europe as Aunt Mai Rachel 2012

Actress Never Again (Betty Makoni’s Biography) as Marita Betty’s mother 2013

Actress in Elusive Horizon 2014

The winner of ZAFAA AWARDS for Best Upcoming Actress for the Film Thorns 2011
Thorns won Best Film for ZIMMA AWARDS 2011

THE In-Laws won Best Film for AMASIKO HERITAGE FILM FESTIVAL in South Africa 2012

The In-Laws won Best Film for ZIMMA AWARDS 2012

Velvet LoveJones

Velvet LoveJones (Born Blessing Rufaro) is the CEO and Founder of Lovetown Inc., Bizzie Doin Nuthin, Zimvibes with (DJ Losa) and ZimEntertainment. He has extensive experience in the music and film industry and holds a BSc Degree in Creative Technology and Enterprise, as well as a Diploma in Music Technology. His career as a radio personality saw him interviewing the likes of Reverend Jackson, Kirsty Coventry, former Zimbabwean Vice President Joyce Mujuru, Popcaan, P Square, Tony Rebel, the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Ice Prince and Buju Banton. Together with Tich Mataz, he presented the ZBC radio show Coca Cola Jam Zone. At the University of Portsmouth, Velvet LoveJones was one of the pioneer radio presenter at Express FM, a radio station based in Portsmouth UK.

As a television producer Velvet LoveJones created the popular ZBC Rockers’ Vibes, the first ever Television Reggae Show in Zimbabwe, where he also had the role of presenter. LoveJones was also the Producer and presenter of the ZBC music show, Coca Cola on the Beat. His career as music producer spans over 15 years at Lovetown Studios where he has had the opportunity to work with local and international artistes, including the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Jah Seed (Bongo Muffin, Cynthia Mare, BK and Kazz, Rassie Ai, Tanga Wekwa Sando, Pied pipers, Junior Brown, MC Chita, Mizchief, Wargames, Mic Innity, Abra Tribe, Jusa Dementor, Blue James from Basement Jacks. Love Town Studios also spearheaded the Zim Dancehall movement. As a contribution to the local community, Love Town Studios offers free studio time to up and coming artistes.

LoveJones landed a role in the Zimbabwe sitcom Waiters and he also featured in the movie The Last Picture, directed by Farai Sevenzo. His involvement in film includes being a Creative Director at Mighty Movies. LoveJones contributed to the filming and creation of the DVD to help market Zimbabwean and Zambian tourism, working together with Honorable Minister of Tourism, Walter Muzembe. In the last Zimbabwe Elections, LoveJones had an active part in the Election Media Committee and while in Portsmouth UK he contributed to Portsmouth University, Portsmouth Museum, Portsmouth City Council and the Mayor’s office. Velvet LoveJones continues to work as a Master of Ceremony for reggae festivals and corporate events. At the moment he’s the media consultant for Pamtengo on line radio and operations manager. 2 years at ZiFM stereo which was his last job until he came to the UK.

“The reason why I have decided to be on the panel of judges is help restore our distorted Zimbabwean culture to its full original status, looking back to our first black

Miss Zimbabwe Shirley Nyanyiwa when I was a young man who represent everything that every man in Zimbabwe would adore as an ambassador and spouse.  Of late, there has been a lot of scandals regarding the competition due to a lot of nepotism and lack of transparency. I have helped in moulding the likes of Brita Masalethulini from Miss Lucky Seven reach their potential and win Miss Malaika which put Zimbabwe on the world map. The mere participation in a beauty pageant is already a great achievement that any contestant can be proud of. It overcomes fear and shows confidence and self-esteem among candidates. Winning is just a bonus. After all, beauty is a very subjective matter, and the different beauty pageants aim to define that subjectivity differently.”

Eloise Anima Dickens
Eloise Anima Dickens

Eloise Anima Dickens is a 20 year old young lady and the current Miss Ghana UK. She is currently a second year law student at the Anglia Ruskin University and works as a legal financial administrator at a Law firm. Her platform for her reign is surrounded by three main objectives

  1. Supporting and driving Sickle cell awareness
  2. inspiring & encouraging under represented youth in the UK
  3. Giving opportunities to youth in Ghana
  4. Raising attention to the importance and necessity of developing girl child education.

Eloise started her organisation called Anima Foundation Charity, which was initially aimed at supporting Young Ghanaian children and women in education and their careers. However, since undergoing the intense but mind-opening Miss Ghana UK process during the summer, it opened her eyes to the importance of attending to the issues within the UK Ghanaian and underrepresented community, so at the beginning of this year she started planning two main projects, Young Queens, Achieved & Inspiring in the UK.

Lastly Eloise is the current President of her university’s African Caribbean Society, where 2014 and the first half of 2015, her mission was to increase diversity within the society and create awareness on the importance of embracing and appreciating everyone’s cultures and heritage. She’s been involved in a lot of things in her lifetime, namely:

BEFFTA 2013: Nominee Best Beauty Pageant
BEFFTA 2012: Nominee Best Beauty Pageant
BEFFTA 2011: Winner Best Beauty Pageant
GUBA 2012: Nominee Best Event
GUBA 2011: Nominee Best Event
GUBA 2010: Nominee Best Event

Kudzai Max
Kudzai Max

Kudzai Max‘s experience in Creative Media spans across a decade,in the areas of Photography, Art and Design. Her portfolio includes design work for The Wines Society, Nyabingi Enterprise and Chase Farm Hospital (NHS). Passionate about making music, she has opened the stage for the likes of The Lost Boyz, and has had the pleasure of being a backup vocalist for Charles Summerfield and his band the URJ. Kudzai’s music portfolio also includes recording with the late Chiwoniso Maraire, King Pinn (Tonderai Making), Rantobokgo, Brown Sugah, DJ Deon Smoove, to name a few. Kudzai has also worked as a news presenter for a weekly Church News bulletin and is currently studying Business and Enterprise Development at the University of Portsmouth.

Ashley Majaya
Ashley Majaya

Ashley Majaya is a double award winning actor based in London, England with experience and involvement in film acting spanning over thirty years. His first film/acting work started as a child actor in 1983 when he played a lead role in “Lost in the Wilderness” a joint Japanese and Italian film shot in Harare, Zimbabwe for a Japanese TV station. He is an associate in Magnetic Hill Film Company and was involved in the production team on “An Equinox of Love”, a short film written and directed by C. Mutambara and K. Sidhu. The film premièred at Cannes Film Festival 2013 and has been well received at various other international festivals. His most recent leading role is in a feature length film ‘Trapped Movie’ 2013 written and produced by Memory Nyahunzwi, Directed by Michael Mambo. Trapped aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Ashley has since forged a working partnership with Director Mike Mambo of Mike Media UK (For more information visit http://www.trappedmovie.co.uk/)

Ashley Majaya has been cast in various feature length film roles, and he works with the Zollywood Film distribution team specialising in marketing and raising publicity of the Zimbabwean films. He has a strong emphasis on enhancing quality and standards and also engage with film makers promoting their work from film production consultancy to premiere release and marketing strategies. For more information on that, visit www.zollywoodzim.co.uk.

He embarked on VFX and Compositing short courses with the Escape Studios UK with a view of gaining more of the behind-the-scenes post-production experience. He works tirelessly in a highly motivated fashion on each film production he gets involved in. His aim is to raise publicity and online presence of the various production houses and films he is associated with.