Ivy Bennett

Miss Zimbabwe UK 1st Princess

A quiet, friendly and respectful 24yr old with a deep spiritual conviction,Ivy is a good listener who puts other people’s view points and opinion in consideration in her interactions.

Hobbies include reading, cooking, gardening and playing with children.Ivy’s easy-going nature, pursuit of happiness and lightheart helps her enjoy working with children the most. She was appointed Youth President for 2yrs (2012-2014) before passing the batton and since been retained the post of Vice President putting to action all the gained skills during her reign, includes listening ,patience,good communication skills,confidence and organising.

Further to being a Biomedical Science student, Ivy also has a talent in modelling passionate about the whole cosmotogy aspects. Further to Ivy’s tenure commitment with Miss Zimbabwe UK, she is the founder of a Zimbabwe based charity PAFSCIN which caters for school children in need.

“I endeavour to take advantage of my tenure as First Princess alongside Cecilia Kupera and Glendah Mugadza to work with Miss Zimbabwe UK brand, it is a great platform of empowering young Zimbabwean girls living inthe UK and all the youth far beyond UK”.

Facebook page: Miss Zimbabwe UK

Email: ivy@misszimbabweuk.com