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Meet Miss Zimbabwe UK 2014 – Jacqueline Moyo


Celebrating Beautiful Zimbabwe

Miss Zimbabwe UK pageant is the pinnacle of celebrating the pride of being Zimbabwean and of Zimbabwean descent both resident in the United Kingdom and in motherland Zimbabwe. The pageant break tribal, race, societal and background barriers, bringing together all Zimbabwean from the walks of life and in the spirit of togetherness elect a crown to ambassador for the community for a twelve calendar months tenure.

Created under the banner of empowerment, Miss Zimbabwe UK anchors mentorship and support to the young students, emerging talent, business aspirants and community contributors, beaming them to the light of achieving goals, dreams and ambitions.

The pageant also has in the last few years become a focal point of the Zimbabwean culture, creating a cohesion point to the integrating Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom.


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